Version history


  • Added new functionality to Uploaded Documents via Related Items. More about it here.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added color properties for tabs and accordions.
  • Minor bug fixes.






Cross-site Lookup 1.4.3

  • Added conversion from regular lookups to Cross-site Lookups.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Forms Designer 3.0.6

  • Added a desktop application as an alternative of the Silverlight plug-in (.NET 4.5 or higher is required).
  • Improved JS-framework: now you can get/set rich text fields.
  • Minor bug fixes.



  • Added Quick Edit mode for Related items.
  • New JavaScript function populateFieldsInGrid allows to define default values for items added in Quick Edit mode.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Forms Designer 3.0.1 and Cross-site Lookup 1.4.1

Now you can:

  • Transfer forms within a site template between environments that can be different farms or web applications or site collections in the same farm.
  • Import/export forms containing Related Items controls between environments.
  • Get and set date values to and from date fields as JavaScript Date objects:
    fd.field('DateField').control('getDate') // getting date-object
    fd.field('DateField').control().value(dateObject) // settings date-object
  • Add images onto your form.
  • Add multiple forms per type (New, Edit, Display) for different use cases in Office 365.
  • Create custom forms for mobile phones, tablets and desktops using the new Forms Designer Groups functions: IsMobileDevice, IsTabletDevice, UserAgent (returns the user agent string).
  • Determine the type of user device with JavaScript using functions fd.isMobileDevice() and fd.isTabletDevice().
  • Get JQuery objects of tab and accordion controls by their indices using fd.tabControl(index) and fd.accordion(index).
  • Set widths of all controls.
  • Set the width of table controls in pixels, as a percentage of the containing control, or autofit to contents.
  • Make asterisk of required fields invisible.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Now when you add a new lookup entry via Cross-Site Lookup it is automatically added into the field.
  • Save/edit buttons are disabled while saving and resetting. Ensures against breaking the page with a bad save.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Added Ink Sketch control allowing to leave hand-written notes and signatures with the help of a touch screen or a mouse.
  • Added Padding property of table cells allowing to create more sophisticated tables with nested ones.
  • Support of TabularView property of Related items’ views.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Saving selection of the last edited type of form (New, Edit, or Display).
  • Fixed the issue with visibility of form toolbars on pages where a form is published.
  • Deploying files to the Style Library as list items.


  • Added new properties of fields: Internal Name, Id, and Type.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Support of the Client People Picker.
  • Improvements in JS-framework regarding support of the Client People Picker.


  • Added Design Forms button onto the Calendar tab of ribbon.
  • Added CSS-class and Style properties to Related items control.
  • New JavaScript function updateDroppedDocuments allows to define the default values of documents dropped onto the specific Related items control. Supported by SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online only.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Insertion of designed forms into wiki, web part and publishing pages.
  • Visibility settings of the contextual ribbon tab and the form toolbar.
  • Options for redirecting users to the specific URL when they submit or close a form.
  • Sorting and filtering Related items control by end-users.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Forms Designer Rules were extended with IsCurrentUserMemberOfGroup function and CurrentLanguage token.
  • New editor for rules with syntax highlighting.


  • Fixed bug with filtration of tasks in Related items control.
  • Column sorting in Related items has become available.
  • Added item validation failed message.


  • Support of bottom panel customization: current item info, save and cancel buttons.
  • The new Rich Text control to insert formatted text with links into your forms.
  • Plain Text and Rich Text controls allow to inject field values into text. Just put internal name or title in square brackets in the text and they will be converted into field values in a form. Ex.: Hello, [Author]!.
  • Added new CSS, HTML, XML and JavaScript editors.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • JS-framework improvements in support of Cross-site Lookup column.
  • Now you can redirect users from a new form to any page with ID of the currently created item. See the detailed description in our article.
  • Minor bug fixes and JS-framework simplification.


  • Now you can design forms for external lists.
  • JS-framework improvements in support of external data columns.


  • With a new ‘Related items’ control you can add a list or library from any web within the current site collection into your form and filter by lookup or Cross-site Lookup fields. As any other control you can distribute this list in a separate tab or section of the accordion and edit it directly from the form. This functionality is very useful for presenting parent-child relationships.
  • JS-framework improvements in support of radio-buttons and check-boxes.

Forms Designer 2.7.4 and Cross-site Lookup 1.3.1

  • Cross-site Lookup now stores its value in the standard lookup column. It means that you can filter and sort views by Cross-site Lookup column, add additional columns from a linked list and other features that you can do with standard lookup. In the same time it has the same benefits as the previous version of Cross-site Lookup: quick search, filtering and search of results, adding new items to the linked lists, etc.


  • New controls added: hyperlinks and buttons.
  • Now you can switch between forms with new JavaScript functions: openFormInDialog, openForm and backToPrevForm.
  • We added a new html-control for advanced users. Now, you can put your custom html-code anywhere in the form.


  • Now you can convert a lookup column with more than 20 items to a simple drop-down with a new property called ‘Simplify’.
  • JS-Framework now supports lookup columns with more than 20 items.
  • Export/Import fields by their internal names instead of IDs.
  • Minor UI improvements.



  • Added content type field: now you can change content type of a list item or document from new or edit forms.
  • Now Forms Designer does not recreate form while saving, just changes an appropriate web part. So you can alternate SharePoint Designer with Forms Designer for the same form.
  • Minor bug fixes.



  • Allows to create specific forms for different sharepoint groups.
  • Supports Document Sets.
  • Generated forms can be additionally modified with Sharepoint Designer.
  • JS-framework improvements.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with several 3rd party fields.
  • Bug fixes.