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Skip Validation on People and Group Field

Posted: 25 Jun 2022
by charles267
We have an interesting issue that I am sure has come up before. We have a people and group column ("Assignee") that is set as a people group that pulls from the "Members" group in SharePoint. We have a situation (common) where the assignee has left the company but we still want to retain the record that they were the "Assignee" associated with the record. The problem is that if we enter the record (i.e. the edit form) to make a change to another field, we cannot save it because SharePoint tells us that "no exact match exists" for the user.

We are rending this column in "server" mode because people like the peoplepicker.

Is there a way to skip validation for a user column or for the entire form in general? This seems like a common issue but we can't figure out what to do about it.


Re: Skip Validation on People and Group Field

Posted: 28 Jun 2022
by mnikitina

I need to reproduce the issue on my side first. What SharePoint version are you using?