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Re: Tooltip() Help

Posted: 01 Feb 2017
by Kim Jeim
Hi, May I know how you would do it for "calculated column" in the value not the title, as well as the dropdown for lookups? Thanks.

Re: Tooltip() Help

Posted: 02 Feb 2017
by Dmitry Kozlov

Please, find the samples below:

Code: Select all

// Calculated field:
fd.field('FieldName').control()._el().attr('title', 'tooltip text');

// Drop-down field:
fd.field('FieldName').control()._el().find('select').attr('title', 'tooltip text');

Re: Tooltip() Help

Posted: 02 Feb 2017
by Kim Jeim
Thanks, it works great!

Tooltip Help

Posted: 23 Mar 2019
by EdwardFed
Good morning
could you help me to implement the code php and javascript below to insert the tooltip code in the rows th of my table.

I have my script php:


Re: Tooltip() Help

Posted: 25 Mar 2019
by Nikita Kurguzov
Dear Edward,
What do you mean? Are you using Forms Designer? It does not really support php, only JS. Please, show us a screenshot of what you want to achieve.