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31 Jul 2020

Hi there,

i've tried the dynamic filter solution for our new form like described here: ... point-form

But it is not working.
It seems, the inplviewhash is not updated at all.
We have 2 related item webparts on the form (behind a tab control).
I've tried to give one of them a css class and update the hash on lookup-change...
I tried the form inside dialog and stand-alone.
In debug i see all went fine until the "window.location.hash". Values and new string is correct. (i also tried to use %3D instead of "=" near filter and value...)
But if i check the hash after the "update" it is still the old value...

Do we need to implement something like this approche: ... web-parts/

thx a lot!

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03 Aug 2020

Hello ragesoft,

Please see the code example for filtering two related items in this thread:
viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2235&p=7127&hilit=w ... hash#p7127

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25 Aug 2020


I put this statement in the report writer, it works fine.

But the same expression in form designer would not work.

Could anybody explain if I have to do something special in the form designer please?

Thank you


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26 Aug 2020

Hello Sobik,

What report writer are you talking about? What exactly do you need to design?

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