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Limit of 300 controls

Posted: 03 Sep 2021

all of a sudden we have a problem with a sp-site.

When we try to open the form a message comes up which says:

This page allows a limit of 300 controls, and the limit has been exceeded.

Does anyboy know, what happened?

Regards UDRO

Re: Limit of 300 controls

Posted: 06 Sep 2021
by mnikitina
Hello UDRO,

How many fields does the form have?

There are some limits in SharePoint on how complex can the form get, and they're not strict - sometimes forms can load, other times not. If there are other 70 fields on the form, I recommend to check out these articles with workarounds that can solve the issue:

SharePoint Online: ... office-365
SharePoint On-Premises: ... -exceeded/