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10 Jan 2022

Hi guys,

i hope u can help me.
We have spforms designer 2013 and our customers want to upload video files in a form with related documents. The file is uploaded, but it is not link to the parent element. This works fine for alle types in an asset library exect video files like mp4 :/
The message i get in browser console is: "Refused to set unsafe header "content-lenght" ".

I hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance!

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Nikita Kurguzov
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13 Jan 2022

Dear Marcel,
Unfortunately, couldn't reproduce the issue - worked fine for the uploaded mp4 files that I have, the Parent is set correctly. This might have something to do with the format of mp4, I think there are different ones and it might affect, try different files, or it might be some settings enabled on your site that prevent it from working, though I am not aware of any that would affect the update of video files (there are settings that can prevent update of docx, xlsx and such, as these files have their own metadata).

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