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30 Mar 2022

Can you please give us an estimated to resolve this? We have many services down and clients are demanding some sort of resolution time. You stated in your earlier update that you were in the process of changing out the account used in these instances. How is that process going? Do we have a timeline? Are we talking hours, days, weeks? We have to start making contingencies for our clients and can't wait forever for an official update! There should at least be something on your Twitter/FB social feeds about this so people are aware.

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30 Mar 2022

I see the SharePoint Online Classic forms are working again. Issue is resolved? Please let us know so that we can start using the forms.

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Nikita Kurguzov
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30 Mar 2022

Dear everyone,
Yes, thank you for your support, we apologize for the delay and all the trouble, the issue is now fully resolved. We're currently taking steps to ensure nothing like that happens ever again.

To find out more about accident and what we plan to do in the future, please, check out this Services outage article.

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