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27 Mar 2019

I have the following:
Two sites:
SiteA (parent site)
SiteB (sub site)

Two lists:
ListA in SiteA with a field called ListACode (string value)
ListB in SiteB with a field called ListBCode (plumsail cross-site lookup to SiteACode)

When I am using Microsoft Flow for ListB, I cannot see ListBCode referenced anywhere when trying to do conditional statements, variables, emails, etc.

How do I reference ListBCode in Microsoft Flow?

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Nikita Kurguzov
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28 Mar 2019

Dear JD,
Unfortunately, default actions in Flow do not recognize Cross-site Lookup, as it is different from default fields.

We've had to work around this, and the only solution I can offer is to use Plumsail Actions, specifically, this action to get List Item by CAML query.

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