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Felix Müller
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10 Mar 2014


I have a problem with a cross site lookup column and i was wondering if there is a fix.

I have a list called Customers in the site collection root web. In a sub web I have a list called tasks and there is a cross site lookup column called Customer which points to the list in the site collection root web. If I open the task item an click on the column value, the entry opens correctly. But if I show the column in the list view and click on the value, there is an error message saying that the list does not exists. If i look at the url behind the link I can see that it points not to the site collection root web but to the current web where the list (of course) does note exists.

But the url is correct when I view the Item in the DisForm.aspx.

Thanks in advance


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Dmitry Kozlov
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10 Mar 2014

Hello Felix, Thank you for your request. This is a known issue which has been fixed in April CU 2013. Get more information in the following thread: ... evelopment I recommend you to install SP1 for SharePoint 2013:

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