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26 Jun 2019

So here is my situation. I have a list (drivers) that has a list of drivers. Sometimes when a new client is created, they utilize a driver who is already on the list. I want to be able to (in the "new"screen) look up a driver and COPY the information to a new record (so autofill the fields based on the "found" driver already in the list). I realized that might not be possible, but has anyone done something similar?

Thank in advance.

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Nikita Kurguzov
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26 Jun 2019

Dear Dominique,
There should be plenty of ways to do it, using either Cross-site Lookup functionality or JSOM requests. For example, you can retrieve extra fields by modifying Request items select query with Internal Names of the fields you want to retrieve:
RequestItems.png (16.29 KiB) Viewed 2806 times
Then, on the new form, you can use the following code to detect changes on the field and to retrieve items from it:

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  if(fd.field('LookupToCopyFrom').value().length > 0){
     //retrieve your extra fields and populate fields on the form

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