[BUG] Plumsail Lookup Fields are blank on Edit form

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28 Sep 2020

Hello Lubo,

What version of the desktop designer are you using? You can find it in the bottom right corner of the application.

Are you getting any errors when opening New forms?

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02 Oct 2020


unfortunatly I found another issue after installing the new Version of designer.

The code for the plumsails-lookup, which filters the selection by letters you type in does not work.

Error message: Loading failed

Debugging error says:

{"error":{"code":"-1, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException","message":{"lang":"de-DE","value":"Das Feld \"NameVorname\" des Typs \"Calculated\" kann nicht in dem Abfragefilterausdruck verwendet werden."}}}

Before the update it was possible to use calculated fields as filterexpression.

Code is:

function (term, page) {
if (!term || term.length == 0) {
return "{WebUrl}/_api/web/lists('{ListId}')/items?$select=Id,{LookupField}&$orderby=Created desc&$top=10";
return "{WebUrl}/_api/web/lists('{ListId}')/items?$select=Id,{LookupField}&$orderby={LookupField}&$filter=startswith({LookupField}, '" + encodeURIComponent(term) + "')&$top=10";

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07 Oct 2020

Hello UDRO,

Calculated columns cannot be used in the query expression. You cannot search or sort by calculated column, you can only display a calculated column in the drop-down.

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